When God awakens you within

God does what works,“You were meant to live in a time of Revelation. The Revelation is here. Your destiny is calling you.” It is just a question of whether you are ready or not. You can only account for yourself in this regard.You cannot determine what other people will say or do. It is a challenge to you and to each individual who has the blessing and the opportunity to receive a New Revelation from God. Do not worry what the others will do, what the world will do. This is a calling for you.

When that mysterious inner ignition happened for me there was no explaining the inexplicable, there was an inner presence impressing me to follow and from that moment onward my life is changing.  It’s an ever present feeling, a something that I experience from the moment I open my eyes in the morning until I close my eyes in the evening.

There’s now an intentioned and determined devotion to this presence within that I both experience and express all throughout the day to know more about and do more with, this mysterious presence now such a growing part of my life.
I feel like every true student of the New Message from God in essence, has a very similar resonating response and although it may be shaped and fashioned a little differently, its authenticity is universal and originates from that Source of sources.