Guest Message

Whether it was knowingly or unknowingly that you discovered this site, I’m so very grateful that you have and I want to share something important with you.
There is a New Message from God in the world and it gives you your life back where it’s been hidden from you, from me and everyone else for a very long time. There is an awakening occurring around the world and one by one people like you and me are awakening with it. It is revealing a deeper part of me that I never knew existed and was possible to connect with.
It doesn’t defend what it is because it doesn’t need to defend what it is and once I gave it a chance to be a part of my life, the mystery of it becomes self evident even though the mystery remains in large part a mystery. I follow it simply because I must.
I’ve discovered that once I took that first step and began following it, everything changes and I couldn’t just go back to my former life, once I was shown the truth, the truth changes everything.
These are perhaps just words as what I am sharing can only be known through personal experience and the only way to accomplish that is by taking the journey yourself.
With all the trappings and seductions and influences and persuasions of the world to contend with seemingly every moment of every day, it seems to become an insurmountable task to sift through what is real and what is true.
For me at least, there is a genuine power and presence about the New Message and New Messenger from God (Marshall Vian Summers) that resonates within a deeper part of me that nothing else has ever provided.
I invite you to go find out what this New Message from God is and what it means for you and your life. It has changed and is changing mine profoundly.
Pointing the way:  You can find out more about this New Message at the home of the New Message from God at
Finally, if you have traveled this far, I feel the poems will resonate more clearly while reading them.