The Freedom Journey

From the Revelation: The Freedom Journey
“Spirituality is fundamentally a quest for freedom – freedom from certain things and freedom for certain things. Seen in this way, the picture becomes more complete. For you have a greater destiny in the world, a greater purpose for being here, a purpose that you are not living now despite your definitions and proclamations. It is to free you from the life that you are living now to prepare you for a greater life in service to the world that represents the core and essence of all spiritual development.”
From Step 67 (CT): My freedom is awaiting me.
“What is freedom except the ability to unite with who you are and why you are here?”
I’m mindful of a comment made by God’s New Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers during one of the live broadcasts.
(perhaps not an exact quote)
“Be who you truly are and don’t quit what you have now started.”
These words have impressed me deeply from that moment forth.
Indeed, my freedom is awaiting me as perhaps it is for you.